Force & Destiny

Episode II

Onward and Upward....

The mysterious man proved equally helpful and unhelpful. He seemed rather willing to answer the heroes' questions regarding Koa's Rising. But in doing so, acted increasingly glib. He promised he would do nothing to hinder the party and requested his release. They did so, begrudgingly.

Then came the action. The party had to break into the 17th story penthouse suite of Rogarth ke Silkhund's tower. Fortunately for them, an open mall was just across the way. Even more fortunate, Nordaak carries a set of climbing gear.

After a harrowing fight with a single locked door, the party broke into the speeder parking lot on the top level of the mall. Two well placed shots decommissioned two guard droids patrolling Silkhund's balcony. The party mildly successfully rappelled over to the penthouse.

While they made quick work of some more droids, they were held up by two human guards who attempted to honor duel the party, defeating some of them before being stunned themselves.

Inside the only locked room of the penthouse, the party was greeted by none other than their same mysterious adversary. He presented them with Koa's Rising, handing it over willingly. He then finally identified himself.

Dropping a veil he had kept over his appearance, the slightly haggard man, with deep lines in his face stood tall and introduced himself as Parrel Sabota, a Jedi Knight. He told the party he thinks they're special and could explain more later.

Sabota helped them escape by driving them home in Silkhund's personal airspeeder. The party could meet him in two days time in the nearby village of Malik. Maybe there, they would learn what his cryptic words meant and take a new step toward their destiny….

The penthouse at the top of Silkhund's tower.



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