Force & Destiny

Episode V

Heroes Rising....

Deep in the caverns below Yedagon City, the group gathered around their Jedi Master. Parrel Sabota was weak. His battle with crazed nobleman Rogarth ke Silkhund pushed his body beyond its limits. His wounds combined with his chronic disease took their terrible toll.

Marlow's efforts to heal him were in vain. He was dying.

Sabota pulled his pupils in close. His breath became shallow and ragged as he pushed the handle of his energy blade into Xebo's hands. To Marlow he gave the ornate cube they saw in his hut.

"The crystal is the key. Join them. The knowledge is more valuable than any weapon. Join them. Now, my dear friends, you must leave me. I fear you're being hunted."

Voices sounded from far up the winding caves. The heroes fled to the far side of the cavern. As they ran, their burgeoning Force sensitivity felt a bright light flare up before dying out forever.

Now master-less, five novice Jedi ran. They expertly picked their way through the twisting caves and found another constructed door which led into another antechamber similar to the one beneath the Silkhund family tower.

Sticking their heads out the door, they were surprised by Tristan Venn rushing toward them.

"It is you! Your faces are everywhere. You're the most wanted people in the city. They say you killed Rogarth ke Silkhund. Everyone is looking for you. Come quickly. I can help."

Tristan led them up through the Venn family tower to street level. Surveying the city outside, it was true. Every giant flatscreen in Yedagon City glowed with the faces of the heroes. City-wide alarms sounded. Despite the lateness of the hour, the city hummed with activity as security and citizen alike searched for the fugitives.

When asked, Tristan admitted he was heading for the caves, assuming his father would be there. He's uncovered that Adalrac has secretly allied with Silkhund, despite their outspoken, public dislike of each other.

"You have to run. Take this datapad. It has coordinates to my father's secret hangar across the city. Inside is a ship you can use."

The heroes loaded into a speeder to flee across a city that was hunting them. One security officer nearly found them out, but Aro's ability to influence his mind harmlessly sent him on his way.

Upon locating the hangar, they had to deal with Venn's guards, two of whom were patrolling outside. Despite their best efforts, the guards found them out and the encounter quickly became a firefight, outside the hangar and in.

While Nordaak stayed near the door providing heavy fire from his rifle, the others rushed in, hoping to make quick work of their adversaries up close. Xebo activated Sabota's blade, finding it handled similarly to his blastsword. His skills notwithstanding, he had a hard time against his foes. He did eventually land a lethal blow, severing the man into pieces.

Jacen and Marlow backed him up while Aro snuck around the hangar, locating the ship Tristan promised them.

As the final few guards fled into the night, Aro dropped the ramp and the team rushed aboard their new starship. All that remained was escape a planet full of ruthless pilots, all of whom were hunting them…



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