Force & Destiny

Session 3

A Larger World....

After recovering Koa's Rising, the heroes returned it to a less than enthused Adalrac ke Venn. He waved them off, disappointed that his ward, Jacen, was the one who retrieved it rather than any of his men. In payment of ANTHONY's bounty offer, he gave each hero 100cr and bid they be gone.

Outside Venn's office, his son Tristan waited, far more eager to greet his friend Jacen. He enthusiastically thanked them and when asked if they may borrow a speeder to visit Malik, he was glad to oblige.

Sabota greeted the group when they reached the village, escorting them through to a modest home. Inside, he removed the false skin he wears to hide his blue Pantoran skin. He proceeded to explain about the Jedi, the Clone Wars, and why he is hiding on Adumar. Sabota believes Adumar to be strong in the Force and the five heroes before him to have the potential to be trained as Jedi Knights.

The heroes agreed to learn from Sabota and spent the next few weeks returning to Malik. Under Sabota's teachings, they aided the town, all the while learning and meditating. The began to see the strength of their connection to the Force and gained new abilities and understanding of the world around them.

One such day of helping the citizens of Malik with nerf herding, the team was set upon by a flock of Ibbots. Sabota took the citizens back to the safety of town while the heroes made quick work of their wild foes.

That night, the village of Malik held a large feast filled with life, joy, and mounds of freshly roasted Ibbot meat. Truly a victorious time. But, as the sky darkened, Sabota, leaning heavily on his walking stick, slipped away from the festivities, returning to his little shack on the edge of town, alone….



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