Force & Destiny

Episode I

First Steps....

Our intrepid heroes began their adventure on the busy streets of Yedagon City. In the chaos of The Proving, an ancient blastsword relic, Koa's Rising, was stolen from the home of the Venn family.

Jacen, ward of the Venn household had been tasked to track down the sword. An old acquaintance, Xebo, was drawn to visit the city for the first time in years, and they met amongst the bustle. Meanwhile, Marlow, who has been working with House Venn researching their family history, had taken to the local analysis hub to study Koa's Rising and try to determine why it's so valuable.

Unbeknownst to Jacen, Nordaak was hired by the family to investigate the disappearance as well. Hoping to recover the blade by diplomatic means, not the usual Adumari violence, Aro had taken up the task of her own volition.

Nordaak quickly found a group of street urchins who witnessed the theft. As Xebo and Jacen tried to listen in on their conversation, they were found out. A quick discussion revealed their common goal. Aro hooked up with them along the way and she suggested meeting Marlow, who would be most familiar with the blade's history.

While at the research hub, the party caught sight of a mysterious figure watching them. It ducked out into the busy street and eluded Nordaak and Xebo who took chase. Also outside was Hota ke Silkhund, daughter of the noble house, surrounded by an entourage.

After losing them in the crowd, the man from the research center reappeared near Hota and whispered to her as the group left. Marlow attempted to talk to him, but he offered no information beyond a veiled reference to seeing the party later that night.

It turned out Rogarth ke Silkhund was holding a gala that night; a chance for the party to find their quarry. Xebo was recruited by a guard as extra security to stand watch at the main entrance. With a little charming performance from Aro to distract the other guard, the rest of the party passed inside without trouble.

In the gala, they did not find Koa's Rising, but they did see their mysterious friend from earlier. A well placed stun from Xebo's blastsword rendered him unconscious, and a rousing classic Adumari drinking song from Nordaak distracted the crowd as they snuck his body out the back. Outside they had to contend with the same poor guard who recruited Xebo. They stunned him as well, leaving him to sleep in a side street.

Back in a small abode in the Venn family tower with their stunned prey, the party needed to get some answers….

A bustling square in Yedagon City on a day of the Proving.

The formal ball held at the Silkhund tower.




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