Force & Destiny

Episode IV
The Depths....

Our heroes spent the evening celebrating in the village of Malik. But Parrel Sabota snuck away during the festivities, returning to his hut. When they followed, they discovered Sabota in a deep Jedi meditation, several items floating around him. The most curious of these was an ornate cube which looked to be crafted from stone and metal.

Sabota told the heroes the rest of his story: He was a Jedi Knight during the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars. While fighting legions of droids on a remote planet, Sabota's battalion was attacked with a biological weapon. Only focusing the Force has allowed Sabota to survive. All others eventually succumbed to the disease.

The war ended with the Clone army turning on their Jedi officers, killing thousands in one blow. Sabota was recovering on Coruscant, the galaxy's seat of government. He escaped the hunting troops and retrieved the location of Adumar from the Jedi library. After deleting the entry, he ran. His decision to leave has haunted him for many years.

He helped build the village of Malik, trying to live a quiet life, but decided the only way to atone was to find new students and pass on his Jedi knowledge. He knew Adumar had a deep connection to the Force, so he began seeking beings who demonstrated a particular affinity.

At the same time, he detected a wellspring of Force potential somewhere in Yedagon City. His searches collided when he met the heroes during the Proving.

He asked for their help to investigate the Force nexus, the entrance of which he now believed to be under Rogarth ke Silkhund's tower. For the moment, what he needed most was rest.

A few days later, the whole party traveled back to Yedagon and infiltrated Silkhund's tower. Deep in a subbasement, the found a door which opened to a cave system below. Obviously someone had already discovered and excavated the cavern.

As they moved forward, each fledgling Jedi felt a pull, a sign from the Force. They had to face a trial within themselves and afterward, each found a small jewel, humming with power. Why the Force called each of them to these tiny gems remains a mystery.

They delved deeper into the caves and came upon a large chamber, a lake with an island in its center. There was Sabota facing off with Silkhund himself. Silkhund held a stone cylinder, crackling with lightning. He screamed how he now had the power to make all of Adumar his own.

Sabota stood straight for the first time in weeks, dropping his old, worn robes. He broke open his walking stick, activated a dazzlingly bright blade of pure energy, and charged the would-be tyrant, only to be thrown back by a burst of energy from the strange stone in Silkhund's hands.

Sabota yelled for his students to stay away, but they ignored him. Xebo and Jacen leapt to the island. Xebo nearly brought Silkhund down with a toxin, but he proved heartier than previously thought, emboldened by rage and a dark power. Nordak began covering them with blaster fire. Aro never made a violent gesture, merely convincing the guards to disengage completely. Marlow made to rescue Sabota, nearly obliterating a man with her bare hands in the process.

Silkhund pounded the Jedi with lightning. Some, Sabota deflected, but he quickly weakened. His disease took its harsh toll on his body, the energy pouring into him did the rest. He fell, but before Silkhund could deliver one final blow, Marlow snatched her master from the ground, leaping back to the safety of the shore. 

Enraged and distracted, Silkhund fell to the blades and blasts of his attackers. The electricity fizzled out as he died, cold and alone on the stones beneath his tower.

Jacen scooped up the strange stone cylinder and the heroes reconvened on the shores of the lake. They were now alone in the silence of the deep….

Episode III
A Larger World....

After recovering Koa's Rising, the heroes returned it to a less than enthused Adalrac ke Venn, patriarch of the noble Venn family. He waved them off, disappointed that his ward, Jacen, was the one who retrieved it rather than any of his men. In payment of Nordaak's bounty offer, he gave each hero 100 credits and bid they be gone.

Outside Venn's office, his son Tristan waited, eager to greet his friend Jacen. He enthusiastically thanked them and when asked if they may borrow a speeder to visit Malik, he was glad to oblige.

Sabota greeted the group when they reached the village, escorting them through to a modest home. Inside, he removed the false skin he wears to hide his blue Pantoran skin. He proceeded to explain about the Jedi, the Clone Wars, and why he is hiding on Adumar.

For tens of thousands of years the Republic stood strong. But a Seperatist movement threatened its stability. Facing hordes of battle droids, the Senate commissioned an army made up of cloned humans. The Jedi Knights, scholars of the Force, guardians, and protectors of the peace, served as generals for the Grand Army of the Republic. 

War raged for years and as the tides shifted in the Republic's favor, the unthinkable happened. Chancellor Palpatine declared the entire Jedi order traitors to the Republic and enacted Order 66, causing every clone soldier to turn and murder their officers and friends.

Sabota was on Coruscant, the Republic's capital, when Order 66 occurred. He managed to pull Adumar's location from the Jedi archives then delete it before escaping with his life.

Sabota believes Adumar to be strong in the Force and the five heroes before him to have the potential to be trained as Jedi Knights. He wishes to leave some good in the galaxy after fleeing in fear from everything he once knew.

The heroes agreed to learn from Sabota and spent the next few weeks returning to Malik. Under Sabota's teachings, they aided the town, all the while learning and meditating. The began to see the strength of their connection to the Force and gained new abilities and understanding of the world around them.

One such day of helping the citizens of Malik with nerf herding, the team was set upon by a flock of Ibbots, giant predatory birds. Sabota took the citizens back to the safety of town while the heroes made quick work of their wild foes.

That night, the village of Malik held a feast filled with life, joy, and mounds of freshly roasted Ibbot meat. Truly a victorious time. But, as the sky darkened, Sabota, leaning heavily on his walking stick, slipped away from the festivities, returning to his little shack on the edge of town, alone….

Episode II
Onward and Upward....

The mysterious man proved equally helpful and unhelpful. He seemed rather willing to answer the heroes' questions regarding Koa's Rising. But in doing so, acted increasingly glib. He promised he would do nothing to hinder the party and requested his release. They did so, begrudgingly.

Then came the action. The party had to break into the 17th story penthouse suite of Rogarth ke Silkhund's tower. Fortunately for them, an open mall was just across the way. Even more fortunate, Nordaak carries a set of climbing gear.

After a harrowing fight with a single locked door, the party broke into the speeder parking lot on the top level of the mall. Two well placed shots decommissioned two guard droids patrolling Silkhund's balcony. The party mildly successfully rappelled over to the penthouse.

While they made quick work of some more droids, they were held up by two human guards who attempted to honor duel the party, defeating some of them before being stunned themselves.

Inside the only locked room of the penthouse, the party was greeted by none other than their same mysterious adversary. He presented them with Koa's Rising, handing it over willingly. He then finally identified himself.

Dropping a veil he had kept over his appearance, the slightly haggard man, with deep lines in his face stood tall and introduced himself as Parrel Sabota, a Jedi Knight. He told the party he thinks they're special and could explain more later.

Sabota helped them escape by driving them home in Silkhund's personal airspeeder. The party could meet him in two days time in the nearby village of Malik. Maybe there, they would learn what his cryptic words meant and take a new step toward their destiny….

The penthouse at the top of Silkhund's tower.

Episode I
First Steps....

Our intrepid heroes began their adventure on the busy streets of Yedagon City. In the chaos of The Proving, an ancient blastsword relic, Koa's Rising, was stolen from the home of the Venn family.

Jacen, ward of the Venn household had been tasked to track down the sword. An old acquaintance, Xebo, was drawn to visit the city for the first time in years, and they met amongst the bustle. Meanwhile, Marlow, who has been working with House Venn researching their family history, had taken to the local analysis hub to study Koa's Rising and try to determine why it's so valuable.

Unbeknownst to Jacen, Nordaak was hired by the family to investigate the disappearance as well. Hoping to recover the blade by diplomatic means, not the usual Adumari violence, Aro had taken up the task of her own volition.

Nordaak quickly found a group of street urchins who witnessed the theft. As Xebo and Jacen tried to listen in on their conversation, they were found out. A quick discussion revealed their common goal. Aro hooked up with them along the way and she suggested meeting Marlow, who would be most familiar with the blade's history.

While at the research hub, the party caught sight of a mysterious figure watching them. It ducked out into the busy street and eluded Nordaak and Xebo who took chase. Also outside was Hota ke Silkhund, daughter of the noble house, surrounded by an entourage.

After losing them in the crowd, the man from the research center reappeared near Hota and whispered to her as the group left. Marlow attempted to talk to him, but he offered no information beyond a veiled reference to seeing the party later that night.

It turned out Rogarth ke Silkhund was holding a gala that night; a chance for the party to find their quarry. Xebo was recruited by a guard as extra security to stand watch at the main entrance. With a little charming performance from Aro to distract the other guard, the rest of the party passed inside without trouble.

In the gala, they did not find Koa's Rising, but they did see their mysterious friend from earlier. A well placed stun from Xebo's blastsword rendered him unconscious, and a rousing classic Adumari drinking song from Nordaak distracted the crowd as they snuck his body out the back. Outside they had to contend with the same poor guard who recruited Xebo. They stunned him as well, leaving him to sleep in a side street.

Back in a small abode in the Venn family tower with their stunned prey, the party needed to get some answers….

A bustling square in Yedagon City on a day of the Proving.

The formal ball held at the Silkhund tower.



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