Rogarth ke Silkhund

Noble of Yedagon


Well groomed and evenly mannered, dealing with Rogarth Silkhund can be frustrating and dangerous. Many nobles have unwittingly committed their resources to his cause.


A prominent noble in Yedagon, much of Rogarth Silkhund’s fame comes from the discord he sows among the ruling class. He is outspoken about the fact he wishes to depose the current Perators of every nation-state and install a committee of noble leaders—conveniently, his supporters—to govern all of Adumar.

Silkhund spends much of his time attending or throwing lavish galas as he turns more support to his side. To curry favor with the combat-obsessed citizens of Adumar, his daughter Hota is a precisely well trained blastsword combatant who has won many honor battles in the name of richening her father’s standing. Also in his pocket is a squad of fighter pilots who have brought many duel wins for Yedagon and for Silkhund himself.

All in all, Silkhund has placed himself in very good standing to achieve his goals and take over all of Adumar for himself.

Rogarth ke Silkhund

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