Parrel Sabota

Jedi Knight


A mysterious figure, seen often among noble families, yet not a member of any. He has taken an interest in the group of heroes. Despite his glib nature, he has actually proven useful to the party. But time will tell if he’s truly helpful or working toward his own ends.

After a few encounters with this mysterious man, he properly introduces himself as Parrel Sabota, a Jedi Knight. The concept of Jedi has been all but lost to Adumar. How did this strange person come to be on an isolated world?

As told by him, the larger galaxy was once under the protection of the Jedi, an order of warrior monks who upheld peace and justice. They were practitioners of the Force, a mysterious energy that binds the galaxy together.

The Republic was prosperous until a group called the Separatist Alliance declared war, forcing the Republic to build a massive army of clones. These Clone Wars led to the Republic’s downfall, and the subsequent hunting and extermination of the Jedi. Sabota was on the peaceful world of Alderaan when the order to kill all Jedi was issued. He pulled Adumar’s location from a Jedi archive before deleting all its contents and fleeing the planet.

He has made his home on Adumar ever since, disguising his appearance from prying eyes. As a Pantoran, he is alone on Adumar. None of his ancestors were among the colonists who settled the planet 10,000 years ago.

He seems weary. Aged beyond his years, but he is excited to train new followers of the Jedi arts.


Parrel Sabota

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